Storage Insurance

storage insurance

You may assume that your self storage facility automatically carries insurance on your items in storage. Truth is, our property insurance does not cover your belongings.

Most self storage facilities insist that you have insurance coverage – we do not. Either way, it makes sense to put adequate coverage in place. Don’t be lulled into a false sense of well-being just because the facility you’ve chosen has implemented good security measures or has a smoking ban on site. Your items are technically out of your hands in self storage and, although the facility may be doing everything it can to avoid theft, they can do little against accidents and damage caused by fires, storms, and other natural disasters.

We offer tenant insurance free for your first month of storage; after that, it’s up to you to decide whether or not you’d like to continue that coverage, though we recommend that you do.

What to Do About Insurance Before Renting a Storage Unit

It is recommended that you check your insurance options carefully before signing your storage rental agreement and placing your items into self storage.

Step 1:

Contact your homeowner/renter insurance agent to see if the items placed in the self storage facility will be covered by your current policy. It may be that you are fully covered for items stored away from home or you may be able to pay an additional premium to get such coverage.

Step 2:

Determine if you should purchase a separate insurance policy. If you do provide your own insurance coverage, be aware that the self storage facility you choose may ask to see proof of your policy before renting you space.

Step 3:

If your storage facility does not require that you purchase insurance, then the choice is yours. Before deciding, ask yourself these questions:

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