Packing, Moving, and Storing Tips

storage packing tips

Whether you need to pack a few items to put in the attic, send some boxes to a self storage unit to clear the house of clutter, or pack everything you own in order to move, you want to do it right. This means thinking carefully and looking ahead.

Prevent damage and find things easier by getting organized. Check out the tips below to keep in mind when packing and moving for storage.


Packing Tips

  • Wrap cloth furniture and mattresses in cotton sheets to protect it during moving and storing. Avoid using plastic bags for long term storage, as they keep in moisture and cause mold to grow on your items.
  • When packing odd shaped items, fill the box up to the brim and fill in the gaps with packing material like newspaper or bubble wrap.
  • Follow this general rule: large boxes for lightweight items, small boxes for heavy items.
  • Don’t skimp out on boxes – especially for heavy items. Old boxes may break open if used for heavy items, so the nicest boxes should be used for the heaviest, most fragile items.
  • Individually wrap every plate, dish, and cup. Stack them in the box with like-sized items to avoid cracking or chipping during the move.
  • Picture frames and mirrors are the most likely items to break, so ensure they are properly packed by taping an “X” across the glass, wrapping them in bubble wrap and buying fitted cardboard corners to protect the edges.
  • Wash and dry everything prior to packing – including clothing, sheets, blankets, curtains, and even furniture.
  • When taking apart furniture, grab some plastic baggies to store the nuts and bolts, and secure it to the piece of furniture with tape or rope.
  • Wipe down the surfaces of every piece of furniture. Wood polish for wood items, conditioner for leather, and rust preventative for metal items.

Storage Choice facilities sell moving supplies right at the front office – you can just grab what you need at the same time you finalize your rental.


Moving Tips

  • Label every box in detail, going beyond just labeling by room. Give a short list of what is in the box.
  • Keep these items together as much as possible when stacking them into the moving truck. This will make it a lot easier to keep them together in the storage unit or when moving them into the house.
  • The heaviest items should go in first, closest to the cab of the truck.
  • Do not stack boxes on a slick surface, like the top of the dresser, unless they are packed snugly.
  • Do not pack breakables in the truck on the bottom – they should always go on top.
  • Put the least used items in the front of the truck so you can immediately put them in the back of your storage unit.
  • Secure heavy furniture to the walls of the truck with bungee cord and/or rope.
  • Don’t stack boxes or items higher than your head.
  • Do not stack items on top of mattresses, as the weight can break springs or leave permanent indentations.
  • Stack same-size boxes; don’t use groups of smaller boxes to stack bigger boxes on top of. They may move around during transport and could send the whole stack toppling.
  • Be sure to mark boxes full of breakables as fragile.
  • Take apart items like bed frames and tables, and remove lampshades from lamps. This will help protect them from breaking and make them easier to move.


Storing Tips

  • Make sure you’re using the right size storage unit for your needs by taking advantage of our handy size guide.
  • If you are storing long term (longer them a couple months), you will want to get a temperature-controlled unit. This allows the unit to stay within a safe temperature range – and not exposing your stuff to extreme temperatures.
  • You’ll want to get a unit that is a bit bigger than your items, as you’ll want some room to let air move around, as well as room for you to move around.
  • Put the least used items in the back of the unit and the most used in the front. Also, put the most expensive items in the back like televisions or other technology.
  • Organize your unit by the label on the box and consider making a “legend” to leave in the unit. This map will help you find items easier in the future.
  • Use a dehumidifier in units without temperature control. We sell dehumidifiers – ask our friendly managers for details.

Storage Choice is here to make your packing, moving and storing problems as simple as possible. Our friendly staff is glad to help answer any of your questions about unit sizes, types of units and everything in between.

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