Wedding Storage

Wedding dress being stored on a dress form.
You dreamed about it for years. You spent weeks looking for the perfect choice and countless days taking care of the details. Your wedding dress made you one of the most beautiful brides who ever walked down the aisle. It’s still a beloved treasure, and it could become the perfect gown for someone else in the future. How do you make sure that the loveliest dress you’ve ever worn stays in perfect condition?

We’re often asked about the best strategies for preserving and storing a wedding dress, so we’ve put together this guide. Find a Storage Choice facility near you to discover how we take good care of the things that really matter to you.

Six Smart Steps for Safely Storing Your Wedding Dress

  1. Have the Dress Cleaned: Choose an experienced dry cleaning professional who specializes in wedding gowns. You want someone who understands different fabrics and the importance of cleaning the dress with a virgin solvent before you put it away in long-term self storage.
  2. Never Use Plastic: If the gown comes home from the cleaners in a plastic bag, remove it right away. Don’t store your dress in a plastic garment bag even for a few days. Plastics give off fumes that can permeate fabric and cause discoloration over time. The material also traps moisture, and that can lead to mildew problems.
  3. Box with Care: Carefully fold the dress using white, acid-free tissue to keep the material from creasing, and lay it in an acid-free storage box. Plan on keeping it horizontal in your self storage unit. You can also have the dress boxed by a wedding gown preservationist.
  4. Consider Hanging It: Professionals who specialize in preserving wedding dresses offer hanging services. This type of preparation for storage keeps the gown from wrinkling by filling the body with acid-free tissue and then covering the dress with a protective cloth bag.
  5. Control Its Climate: Always store your wedding dress at a storage facility that offers climate-controlled units. This type of storage solution makes sure that your gown spends its time in an environment that’s not too humid, and the fabric isn’t exposed to severe temperature swings.
  6. Check on It Twice a Year: Always visit your storage unit a couple of times a year to check on your wedding gown’s condition. Wear white cotton gloves as you inspect fabric and seams. If it’s boxed, gently rearrange the folds so that the dress doesn’t develop heavy creasing.

Space That Fits Your Needs

If you don’t need a full-sized self storage unit for your wedding dress, you’ll find great options with our helpful size guide. If you want plenty of space to grow into, we have affordable storage units that fit every need. Our teams are always happy to help, and we even offer 24/7 leasing and account management through our on-site kiosk service.

We know how much that wedding dress means to you, and you can trust us to keep it safe. We’re just around the corner with smart self storage solutions, so stop by and visit your local Storage Choice facility soon!