Student Storage

student storage
Your parents keep finding legitimate reasons for using your room, so you understand that loss of space. The garage won’t hold all your stuff, and you’re tired of hauling everything from dorm rooms to apartments and back home. It’s time to simplify your life as a student with self storage solutions. We have everything you need here at Storage Choice, and we’re happy to help.


Taking Care of Your Schedule, Space, and Budget

If you haven’t leased a self storage unit with us lately, get ready for a seamless experience. Student schedules don’t always mesh with office hours, so our on-site kiosk rental services take care of you 24/7. You can also manage leasing and account details online.

Sometimes, you need to store furniture, and sometimes you just want to stash books. We offer plenty of choices with units ranging from closet-sized to 300 square feet. Our self storage options are priced to fit your student budget with month-to-month leasing available along with a great selection of quality moving supplies to purchase.


Smart Student Self Storage Tips

We make it a point to keep our online resources updated, so we offer this latest list of student storage tips. Whether you’re between semesters or between the dorm and an apartment, these strategies make a real difference.

  • Figure Out Your Space: Stack your stuff against a wall, and measure its dimensions to estimate square footage. Then, check out our online unit size guide and match your needs to the right storage space.
  • Lease Ahead of Time: Think ahead and take advantage of move-in discounts and truck rental deals. You can take care of advance planning details on-site or online.
  • Outthink Your Boxes: Keep them all the same size for easy stacking. Use boxes with lids that tape shut, and fill them to the top. This keeps lids from caving in and crunching carefully packed contents.
  • Take It Easy With Books: They turn boxes into back-breakers, so let books share packing space with lighter belongings. Boxing them horizontally helps manage weight and saves wear on book spines.
  • Give Yourself Room: Stack things against walls first, and then plot other areas down the center of your self storage unit. Leave walking paths open so that you can easily move belongings in and out.
  • Prioritize Your Stuff: Stash stuff you don’t need often in the back of the unit. Store clothes, bedding, and books near the entrance for quick access. This strategy is a real time-saver for multiple moves.
  • Keep Things Naturally Fresh: Add natural freshness to climate-controlled air by placing small aromatic cedar blocks in the corners of your storage unit. The fragrance also discourages pests that might try to move in.

Storage Choice at Your Service

One of these days, you’ll be finished with school. Whatever move you make next, you’ll be ready with the power of self storage. We’re here to back you with the best units and facilities available, and our friendly teams are at your service. Storage Choice looks forward to always being your first choice for smart student storage solutions.

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