Military Storage

milirary storage

It’s a situation military families know all too well: You’ve finally settled into your new home and gotten used to your new surroundings when it happens – you get orders to relocate. It could be for a few months, or a few years. Either way, there’s always one important question to address: What will you do with all your stuff?

Whether you’re moving to a new city or just relocating temporarily, Storage Choice is here to help. With storage units of all shapes and sizes, we can find a place for your valuables for as long as you need. And with so many other great features to discover, you may quickly learn that self storage is not only an easy solution, a convenient, too.

Why Military Storage?

Simply put, military storage is designed to help ease the stress of the military lifestyle. Between constantly relocating, packing, unpacking, and packing again, it can become extremely overwhelming. Not to mention, it can be expensive to maintain a home or apartment while you’re away. Or maybe your current home is bursting at the seams and you’re not sure what to do with your stuff until you move into a bigger place. No matter your unique situation, self storage helps take care of all of that.

Military storage with Storage Choice offers several great benefits besides extra space:

  • Convenience. Don’t go to several different places to get what you need for the move. Get your moving and packing supplies straight from us, then use one of our free moving trucks for the big day.
  • Flexibility. Access your self storage unit on your schedule – 7 days a week, 365 days a year. We also mean flexibility in the literal sense, with over-sized units and wide driveways that make moving in and out a breeze.
  • Peace of mind. With 24-hour video recording, well-lit facilities, secure access gates, and locking doors, you can feel at ease storing your valuables with us.
  • Helpful tools. Making the entire moving and storing process easier by using our packing and moving tips as a helpful guide for the big day. More of a visual learner? Our informational videos may be useful, too.

Military Storage Tips

  • Know how much space you need. There’s no need to pay for space you don’t need, or not have enough room for all your things. Use our size guide to ensure you’re getting the perfect amount of space you need – nothing more, nothing less.
  • Lease month-to-month. We understand that time is a tricky thing in the military, and it’s sometimes difficult knowing how long you’ll be gone. That’s why we offer leases on a month-by-month basis so you’re not locked in a contract longer than you need.
  • Invest in a climate controlled unit. The Texas heat can take a toll on certain items like furniture, electronics, appliances, documents, and even clothing. Avoid damages by renting a climate controlled unit, which keeps your unit at a steady temperature year-round to help preserve your valuables.
  • Use our Pay Online system. The last thing you want to worry about is making sure you get your payments in on time. Sign up for our easy to use pay online system and we’ll do the rest of the work so it’s one less thing you have to deal with.

More than Self Storage

At Storage Choice, we make it a priority to take care of those who take care of us. Let us be the answer to at least one of your questions when life throws you an unexpected curveball. Make your next transition your best one yet by reserving a unit online today!

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