Holiday Decorations Storage

holiday decoradions storage
While decorating your home for the holidays is fun, it’s no secret that sometimes it’s more of a hassle. Unpacking and packing all of your decorations can quickly become overwhelming, especially if they’re not organized. Not to mention the frustration of unpacking it all to find shattered ornaments, tangled lights, and broken bulbs.

Your favorite holiday doesn’t have to be ruined by decoration disasters, though. All it takes is some simple planning, organizing, and even recycling to make sure your valuables stay in tip-top shape. That’s why we’re showing you some creative and clever ways to store your decorations, so you spend less time decorating, and more time relaxing.

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Decoration Storage Basics

Having a few things in place before you pack up for the season is essential to avoiding stress. Even better – it’s much simpler than you think. All it takes is following some of these storage basics to ensure you’re making the most out of your favorite holidays!


Invest in clear plastic bins. This is one of the most helpful tips out there – no matter what kind of storage you’re preparing for. Being able to see what’s inside lets you figure out what is where; making decorating that much more simple and organized.


Label everything. One of the easiest things you can do to simplify any unpacking process is having clear, accurate labels. First, label your boxes or bins by the holiday. Then, specify whether they’re indoor or outdoor decorations. You may even consider writing what decorations go where, which will make decorating a breeze.


Stock up on tissue paper and bubble wrap. It’s no secret that decorations are extremely prone to breaking. That’s why it’s always a good idea to have extra on hand in case you take in some extra decorations from the kids that year, or some items need a little more protection.


Use sandwich bags for more than just sandwiches. Nails, hooks, extra light bulbs – it always seems like the smallest items are the first to get misplaced or disappear altogether. Avoid those headaches and place those things in sandwich bags and tape them to the inside of the box. Need a nail to hang a skeleton? It’s in the bag. Need to replace the broken bulb on a string of Christmas lights? It’s in the bag.


Consider a climate controlled storage unit. Extra-sensitive or valuable decorations need extra-special care. Whether it’s a delicate heirloom or homemade ornaments made with dried food or pinecones, a climate controlled unit can add another layer of protection. By keeping the unit a consistent temperature year round, it can help prevent deterioration, discoloring, and mold buildup.


Tips for Storing Specific Decorations


  • Run used gift wrap and tissue paper through a paper shredder and use the fluffy strips as filler, or just individually wrap each ornament.
  • Have a partitioned cardboard wine box? Use it to store tissue-wrapped ornaments. This lets you stack several ornaments on top of each other in each slot.
  • Use empty egg cartons for your smaller, more delicate ornaments.
  • Reuse a shirt box or shoebox to store ornament hangers. Fill it with hooks, rolls of small ribbon, cording, scissors, twist ties, glue, and craft wire – everything you’d need to replace the inevitable lost hanger.
  • When you’re ready to pack them away until next year, be sure they’re at the very top of the tub or box, so they don’t get crushed by other decorations.


  • Store bulky garlands in large plastic storage boxes. You can push a lot into a big box, since there’s nothing to break, and the garlands can be fluffed out.
  • Mark the center of a long piece with a colored twist tie before you take it down, so you won’t have to measure it again next year.
  • Label segments of garland with a pen and masking tape as you take it down so you’ll always know which piece to hang in the entryway and which is just the right size for the mantel.


  • Make use of your empty wrapping paper tubes by coiling your lights around them, or use pieces of cardboard from any extra boxes lying around after the presents are opened.
  • Put extra bulbs and fuses in a sandwich bag and place it in the same bin or tape it to the rest of the lights.

Miscellaneous Items:

  • Candles: Use paper towel tubes to store and protect long candles
  • Wreaths: Since these are often tricky decorations to store, it’s worth investing in specific storage boxes that are made special for wreaths – including ones with pinecones.
  • Wrapping paper: Because wrapping paper tubes are so large, it’s easiest to store them under beds or in closets. If you’re keeping them in a storage unit with the rest of your decorations, consider getting an air tight bin to prevent discoloration.


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