Climate Controlled Storage

climate controlled storage
When it comes to self storage in Texas, we’re lucky – unlike more temperate states, we don’t have to deal as much with extreme weather changes. Mostly, it’s just hot. And while traditional storage units do a good job of keeping your belongings safe from the elements, they’re not perfect, which can cause some renters frustration when they find their valuable items have been ruined by our state’s intense heat and humidity. The following items are especially sensitive:

  • Artwork
  • Wine
  • Electronics
  • Appliances
  • Antiques
  • Photos
  • Books
  • Collectibles
  • Paper records

If you plan on storing one or more of the previously listed items, you should consider using a climate controlled unit at one of Storage Choice’s conveniently located storage facilities.


What Exactly Are Climate Controlled Units?

Climate controlled units differ from traditional storage units because they maintain a consistent temperature. This is achieved by utilizing things like insulated walls, double doors,and programmable thermostats to keep the interior of each storage unit at a constant temperature. In some cases, special placement of air vents and ductwork is used to ensure less dust in the units, and facility plumbing is rerouted to prevent moisture leaks that could potentially damage clothing, furniture, and other sensitive items.


What are the Benefits of Climate Controlled Storage?

Because the interior temperature of climate-controlled units does not fluctuate, even when the exterior temperature does, you won’t have to worry about items that could be susceptible to heat or cold damage. Extreme temperatures can take a toll on wood, plastics, and sensitive materials, causing everything from warping and cracking to discoloration.

In the long run, the total cost to store your valuable items in a climate controlled unit is far cheaper than the cost to replace ruined items – and that’s assuming they’re replaceable to begin with.

In addition, these storage units are typically located inside the main storage facility building, giving you more privacy and security than a standard unit. Climate control also provides other benefits such as:


Is Climate Controlled Storage Right for You?

If you plan on storing sensitive items such as furniture, paper records and family heirlooms for more than a short time, you should seriously consider renting a climate controlled storage unit.

Paper goods can wrinkle and fade when exposed to the sun and high temperatures, and mold can develop on clothing and plastics with the presence of high humidity. Leather is another material that does poorly in this environment when not properly taken care of, so keep that in mind when you decide to toss that expensive pair of boots into a standard storage unit.

Our friendly staff is happy to help you pick the perfect climate controlled unit to meet your storing needs. Available in a wide range of sizes, we’ll get you set up and settled down in no time!


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