Boat Storage

Storing a boat in the Texas waters, whether it’s a lake or harbor, is no small cost. Especially if you want a lifted dock to avoid sitting your boat in the water all year long – the costs add up quick. A simple, less expensive solution is using self storage to store your boat in-between use

When storing your boat at a storage facility, you have three options: Uncovered parking, covered parking and indoor units. They each have pros and cons; to help you decide, let’s break down their positives and negatives.


Types of Boat Storage

Uncovered Parking

Pros: Uncovered parking is typically the least expensive way to store your boat. If you have a high-quality, thick cover for your boat, this is the most economical way to store. It’s easy to get your boat in and out through Storage Choice’s wide driveways, and the parking spots come in an array of sizes to fit your boat needs.

Cons: Sometimes, Texas weather can be unpredictable. Unless you have a high-quality cover to protect your boat, it could be damaged during storms with hail or high winds. Prepping your boat for outdoor storage helps protect it from the sun, but long-term exposure without continual care can weather your boat.


Covered Parking

Pros: Covered boat parking offers the best of both worlds. You get protection from the weather and sun while getting a wide and long spot to park large boats. You are also able to get in and out faster.

Cons: Covered parking is more expensive than uncovered parking, but it’s often less expensive than docking your boat. You are still exposed to some inclement weather, though less so than uncovered parking.


Indoor Units

Pros: Indoor units offer the highest level of protection from the outdoor elements. Having absolutely no sun, wind, and storm exposure will provide the ultimate level of safety for your boat. Depending on the size you choose, you may also have leftover room to store rafts, skis, and other household items in the same unit.

Cons: Indoor units are the most expensive, particularly because you will need to rent one long and wide enough to fit your boat. Depending on your experience with parking boats, it may take some time getting used to parking and removing your boat from an indoor unit.

To make the most informed decision, check out our Size Guide to help you determine your individual needs. Then find a Storage Choice facility near you to speak with our helpful on-site managers who will guide you in finding the right storage unit for your boat.


How to Store Your Boat in Self Storage

Storing a boat in Texas isn’t quite as simple as pulling it into a unit and shutting the doors, especially when storing it for the winter. If you want it to be ready to start up in the spring and avoid costly repairs, you’ll need to prepare your boat properly.

Follow these quick steps to get your boat ready for self storage:

When the good weather comes back around, you’ll be ready to hop in and hit the water in no time!

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