Other Types of Storage

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Self Storage for Every Situation

Self storage can solve any space-saving need, whether it’s for a college student who needs to stow their stuff for the summer or a military member who needs peace of mind while they are away. From boats to cars to documents, Storage Choice has a place to put it all.

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Boat Storage

Is your favorite summer toy taking up space in the driveway or garage? Reclaim that precious cargo room by storing it at a nearby storage unit. Our unit options include indoor units – some featuring individual alarms – and outdoor parking spots with plenty of room to get it in and out.

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Vehicle Storage

The classic car that has overstayed its welcome; the full-size RV that sits dormant in the winter; even those four-wheelers and dirt bikes that have nowhere to go off-season. Vehicle storage at Storage Choice can run the gamut – but no worries! We have something for every type, no matter if it has two wheels or ten.

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Document Storage

If you are running a business or running a household, the result is often the same: Lots of paperwork. Photographs from over the years, newspaper clippings, kids’ drawings and all those birthday cards take up a lot of space in your basement, closets, and attic. At your company, old files and records can stack up – and a messy office means low productivity.

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Wedding Dress Storage

Looking to save that wedding dress for future generations? Keeping it in tip-top shape means finding the right type of storage. Check out our tips for proper storage, then find a unit to store it away until the wedding day.

Check out our tips to storing your wedding dress.


Appliance Storage

Upgrade your dishwasher? Get a sparkly, new washer and dryer? What do you plan to do with the old appliance – especially when it’s not broken? Keep it as a backup or save it to re-gift in the future with a storage unit. We’ll tell you how to prepare it for storage to ensure it stays in working shape.

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Holiday Storage

Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, New Year’s, Easter, Independence Day, Halloween – the list could go on. With all the holidays that happen each year, the decorations can get out of control. No worries! We’ll tell you how to get it organized into a self storage unit.

Find out how to organize and store holiday decorations.


Student Storage

Living the college life means living the cramped life, whether you are living in a dorm or sharing a house or apartment. It also means living the transient life as you head home for the summer and winter. Keep it all in one place with self storage.

Discover all the ways you can use student storage to make life easier.


Military Storage

Are you staring down deployment or making yet another base transfer? Living the military life takes a lot of sacrifices – but a clean, dry place to stash your stuff doesn’t have to be one of them.

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Climate Controlled Storage

What is climate control? Why does it matter? How can you use it? Get answers to these questions and more about climate controlled storage.

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