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How Can Storage Choice Help Your Business?


Store Equipment

A lot of pieces have to come together just right in order to run a successful business. You need to hire the right people, attract the right customers, and most importantly, use the right equipment to get the job done. This is as true for restaurant owners as it is for landscapers and online startups. Unfortunately, unless you’re a large national corporation, you probably don’t have a giant warehouse somewhere to store all of your equipment safely and securely. This is where Storage Choice comes in. You can find the perfect size unit to fit your needs, whether you’re storing tables and chairs or lawn and garden tools. We also offer climate controlled units for those businesses looking to store sensitive items like computers and other delicate machinery.


Store Furniture

If it’s time to remodel, move or upgrade your office, Storage Choice can help with that, too. Often, the hardest part about this situation is finding a place to keep your items out of the way until you’re ready to resume business as usual. Instead of simply moving into a larger space and pushing everything off into a corner, why not rent a conveniently-located storage unit for your furniture and decorations instead? Comparatively, this is a much more practical and affordable solution. Things like desks, chairs, couches, filing cabinets, computers and other appliances can be easily and safely secured in our fully fenced, well-lit facility, ready and waiting for you to collect them on your own schedule.


Store Sensitive Documents

If there’s one thing almost every business has in common, it’s the massive amounts of paperwork involved. Everything from permits and certifications to customer records and receipts needs to be meticulously cataloged and filed away for safe keeping, and the longer you’ve been in business, the bigger a problem it becomes to store everything properly. Smart business owners know that the best solution is to keep these paper records in an off-site storage facility, preferably in a climate controlled unit that will keep out humidity and moisture. Also, because these units are typically located indoors, there’s an extra layer of added security between your private records and any unauthorized visitors.


Store Extra Inventory 

It’s always better to have too much of a product than not enough – that is unless you lack the space to store it. The other problem with extra inventory is you’re never quite sure when you’ll have to deal with a surplus. It could be a seasonal thing, or maybe it’s just random timing. So if you find yourself with more merchandise than you can handle, let our Resident Managers at Storage Choice hook you up with the perfect unit for your unique situation.


Storage Choice is the Right Choice for Businesses

There’s a lot of moving parts involved in running a business, and effectively utilizing an off-site storage unit is just one small way to help make everything work smoothly. At Storage Choice, we will go above and beyond to make sure we provide the same level of excellent service that you provide your customers every day.


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