Tired of Mowing? Try These Backyard Projects

Think grass is overrated? Maybe you’re tired of mowing like the rest of us. When you’re sick of lawn chores week in and week out, why not transform your yard into an extension of your Webster, TX, home? Storage Choice has a few do it yourself backyard projects that will do the trick, along with the storage units that will help you accomplish any home renovation project no matter how big or small.

3 Awesome Do It Yourself Backyard Projects

Replace grass with rocks.

If you want to have less lawn to mow, don’t overthink it: reduce the amount of grass you have! One way of doing so is to replace grass with rocks and flagstone. A flagstone patio makes the perfect space for gathering outdoors. You can surround it with rocks and beautiful ornamental plants and arrange new patio furniture in the center, creating an enjoyable space for entertaining friends and family outdoors.

Enlarge your deck.

A larger deck also reduces the amount of grass you have to mow. Don’t skimp on your deck space. Expand it to cover more space in your yard. Besides, a larger deck means an opportunity to use larger, more comfortable furniture. You can also build an outdoor kitchen and mount a TV on the exterior wall to create a truly wonderful place to gather outdoors.

Install a backyard pool.

Why mow your backyard when you can swim in it? If you want to make the most of the hot days in Texas, it’s time to install an in-ground swimming pool. Even an aboveground pool will provide hours of fun outside and reduce your lawn chores.

Why not take all three ideas and combine them into one project? Expand your deck off the house and have it lead to a pool in the yard. Add a flagstone patio around the pool with furniture to create a luxury resort in your backyard.

Get Stuff Out of the Way With Self Storage

Wondering what to do with your mower now that you don’t need it as much? We have storage in Webster, TX, to keep it stored out of your way. You can also use your new storage space for excess yard clutter. We provide electronic gate access, clean units, surveillance video recording and other features. Whether you need a place for your gardening supplies or old patio furniture, we have you covered.

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