Tips for Winning Storage Auctions

Tips for Winning Storage Auctions

The key to success at a self storage auction is to prepare your strategy ahead of time.

Storage Choice has some storage auctions coming up at the end of June, so there’s plenty of time for bidders to prepare! Similar to Forrest Gump’s box of chocolates in that you never know what you’re gonna get, storage auctions can be exciting and mysterious. The key to success at a self storage auction is to prepare your strategy ahead of time. Start by following these tips.

  • Know the rules. Before participating in an auction, make sure you’re aware of all the rules, such as the preferred payment method and if you need identification. It is a good idea to attend some auctions as an observer before you bid; doing so will help you develop a strategy.
  • You might not get a chance to see what’s in the unit. Sometimes the door on the unit is not opened until it’s time to start the bidding, so it can be difficult to ascertain what is inside. Once the door opens, you will need to use your sleuthing skills to decide whether to bid. Bring a flashlight or a handheld spotlight, and understand that you will not be able to open boxes and look inside them. Sometimes, you can gauge whether you want what’s inside closed boxes by assessing the items in the unit that you can see; if they seem damaged, disorganized, or outdated, the other items probably will be, too.
  • Cash is king at storage auctions. In fact, cash is usually the only accepted form of payment. Fortunately, being required to pay in cash can help you to avoid being swept up in the excitement of the auction and spending more money than you have! It’s important to know what you want to spend, and stick to the plan.
  • Storage auctions can be dirty work. Dress in old clothes, and bring work gloves and trash bags, because you will be required to empty and clean the unit.  Bring packing boxes, tape, and bubble wrap as well, to pack any treasures for safe transport.
  • Most self storage companies require you to clear out the unit within twenty-four hours. Bring a large enough vehicle to haul away your prizes, or a lock to keep them secure until you can return.

Whether you’re looking for storage auctions, or a safe place to store your stuff, Storage Choice has what you need. With accessible climate-controlled units that are protected by dedicated staff and cutting-edge security, Storage Choice provides self storage Texas residents can trust. Visit the website for more information, and keep reading the blog to learn when we’re hosting more storage auctions.

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