Storage Tips for the Love Birds Moving in Together

Couple standing in front of a house.

Valentine’s Day sparks some pretty major – even life-changing – events. Quiet conversations over candlelit dinners help many couples realize they want to spend every day together. If you’ve decided to get married or move in together, congratulations! Now it’s time to find a place you both love and reserve self storage for the overflow caused by merging households. Storage Choice explains how storage units can help you keep that Valentine’s Day glow while finding your new home in Dallas, TX.

The Many Perks of Combining Households

There are plenty of benefits to moving in together. From enjoying every day together to saving time traveling to each other’s individual places, the intangibles alone are worth it. Living together also carries more practical perks. Sharing skills – cooking, decorating, minor repairs – means you get the best of both worlds. And, of course, sharing rent, utilities, and groceries makes your financial load a lot lighter.

Start Purging and Merging Now

Many of us don’t realize just how much stuff we have, especially if it’s been a while since our last move. That’s why it’s important to take inventory of each household’s belongings before making the move. Whether you’re hiring a mover or going the DIY route, fewer boxes can equate to savings on gas, moving-van mileage, and back strain. Taking the following steps means fewer items to unpack, sort, and find a place for:

  • Donate unwanted items in good condition
  • Sell valuable items or those not accepted at donation centers
  • Gift your friend with that old sweater she loves but you’re tired of looking at
  • Place over-sized, infrequently used but still-useful belongings in self storage
  • Recycle, discard or re-purpose worn items

If you haven’t used or enjoyed it in a year, it’s time to part ways. Still can’t let a much-loved or valuable item go? Storage units make the perfect temporary home.

The Assistance of Self Storage

There’s a lot to consider when moving in together, from deciding on a monthly household budget to combining decorating styles. Whether you’re adding one person’s belongings to an existing household or looking for a new place altogether, a little prep work will make things go more smoothly. Storage units help you stay organized, so reserve your self storage today. With facilities in Dallas, TX and other locations, we’re ready to meet you and your partner’s needs.

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