Storage Choice | Student Storage Checklist for Summer

School’s out at TCU, and Storage Choice of Ft Worth can help make moving home for the summer a breeze! There’s so much to remember that it can be overwhelming to think about the move away from and back to school. Not to worry; Storage Choice has a checklist to help you manage the transitions effortlessly.

  • Use the right tools for your move. Storage calculators can be a huge help when deciding what size of storage unit you’ll need. No matter how large or small your move may be, it is important that you know the correct size of unit to rent.. If you’re going to utilize self storage, Storage Choice even has a self storage calculator on our website to help you determine the amount of storage space you’ll need.
  • Have a strategy. Try to pare down your belongings by donating things to charity or giving them to friends. Travelling light makes moving easier, no matter what your stage of life you’re in. As a student, it makes sense to carry as little as possible, since you’ll probably be moving at the beginning and the end of the summer. For a student, storage facilities can be extremely useful, because they provide a way for you to keep what you’ll need at school near campus, rather than moving it back home for such a short period of time. Storage Choice has short-term leases, so that you don’t have to keep the storage unit any longer than you need it.
  • Make sure you know where all the pieces go. Disassembling furniture is often easier than putting it back together again. Put screws, fasteners, and washers into clearly labeled packages, and keep those packages together in one area so that you’ll be able to easily find the right pieces when it’s time to reassemble. When disassembling your electronics, take pictures of the cords and connections, and then label them so that you’ll be able to put everything back together again.
  • Contact all the pertinent people regarding your move. Any business that uses your address to communicate with you will probably need to know your forwarding address. This includes your bank, your landlord, and any cable, phone, or utility company you’ve used at your college address. Contact these businesses as soon as you know when you’re moving, to arrange for turn off dates and the return of any deposits.
  • Be ready for the walkthrough. Whether you’re in the dorm or an apartment, you’ll probably need to have the place cleaned and ready for the next occupant. Make sure to fix anything you may have broken, and remove any nails, tacks, or tape, filling in holes with spackling putty. Vacuum and wipe things down, leaving things as clean as possible, and make sure you take out all trash. Aim to leave the place better than you found it, and you’ll be unlikely to have a problem getting your deposit back.

Whether you’re looking for moving supplies, or just need temporary student storage, Storage Choice can help. For a secure spot to store your most precious belongings, be sure to visit the nearest Storage Choice location. To learn more, visit the website or connect with the online community on Facebook and Twitter.

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