Staying Healthy in the Land of Sugar

Sugarcane crop in a sugarcane field at sunset.

It’s hard to imagine the vast sugarcane fields that put our city on the map 150 years ago. It’s also hard to imagine living without the sweet stuff. How do you keep in summertime shape here in Sugar Land, TX? Self storage, self-discipline and plenty of fun make it easy to stay healthy in the land of sugar.

Drink to Your Health

Whether you’re mowing the lawn or power walking around Memorial Park, keep that water bottle handy. Resist the pull of power drinks. They deliver sugar and calories you just don’t need to beat our Texas heat.

Try Out New Tastes

Elevate healthy eating by exploring new recipes and expanding your home-cooking talents. With the right substitutions and a little imagination, classics like King Ranch Chicken or cheese enchiladas become guilt-free delights.

Dine Out Like a Vegan

Trade a trip to your favorite barbecue joint for an alternative dinner out that plates up exotic, new flavors. Treat yourself to slices of vegan heaven with cuisines from India, China, and Vietnam. Sugar Land restaurants offer a wonderful variety of healthy culinary adventures.

Work Out on the Water

Stay in summertime shape with water workouts in the great outdoors. Clear Lake is just 40 miles east on the Sam Houston Tollway, so keep your boat and skis in one of the storage units between here and there. This healthy strategy lets you launch into warm-weather fun whenever you like.

Hit the Local Trails

Hike and bike through a healthy summer in one of Sugar Land’s beautiful parks. Jog beside the cool shores of Oyster Creek, or stroll along Sugar Mill Park’s shady, tree-lined paths. Enjoy miles of trails and acres of green in the heart of our great urban outdoors.

Home-Gym Away from Home

Create your own private workout zone away from home with a storage unit. Why pay for a gym membership when you can exercise in the comfort of climate-controlled self storage? Set up exercise equipment, throw down yoga mats, and enjoy the healthy privacy of working out in your very own space.

Tune in and Cool Off

When it gets too hot to think about healthy options, head inside. Tune in to a Skeeters’ baseball game, and relax for a while. Trail gear, water toys, and workout equipment are just around the corner when you stash your stuff with Storage Choice. We offer the coolest storage units in Sugar Land, TX, and we’re always here to make your summertime a little easier.

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