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You might not know it, but the first week of August is National Simplify Your Life Week. With the kids heading back to school and summer changing in to fall, this is the perfect time to consolidate things and get a fresh start. By being proactive and ruthlessly removing clutter, you can organize your home without pulling every last strand of hair out of your head. Here are a few superb storage tips for navigating the process.

Removing Clutter from the Bedroom

Closets are notorious for clutter. Most men and women have more shoes, socks, coats, shirts and pants than they could ever hope to wear. If you fit the mold, you’re also likely to have old outfits that have not been worn in ages. Any clothing item that has gone unworn for more than a year should be packed into a plastic box and sent off to one of the reputable Webster storage units nearby. Even seasonal pieces that you wear only during certain times of the year can be stored to create more room.

Holding a Garage Sale

While the weather is still nice, consider holding a yard sale to get rid of unwanted items. Old toys, well-worn college textbooks, gently used electronics and other trinkets can be arranged and sold for a few dollars.  Put items that you are likely to use again in a secure Webster storage unit, everything else should be fair game for the upcoming sale.

Making Use of Webster Storage Units

Make sure to hold on to important and expensive things like bikes, scooters, furniture and jewelry.. Such items can be of substantial worth in the future.  Instead of selling them or giving them away, place them in quality Storage Choice storage units in Webster, TX. With a sturdy padlock and a sense of how to make use of limited space, all of your belongings will have a perfectly secure home for months or even years. Storage Choice storage units in Webster, TX also offer climate-controlled units. Our climate-controlled units keep stored objects in pristine condition for the duration of your rental.

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