Is Buying an RV Right for You?

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Hitting the road at a moment’s notice sounds like a dream come true. Whether you want to live out of an RV or have anytime access to a vacation on wheels, the promise of freedom can seem irresistible. But it’s important to know the pros and cons to RV ownership if you’re wondering,

Should I buy an RV?

RV Pros

Many a would-be road warrior has wondered if they should buy an RV. While your mileage may vary, there are many advantages to owning a recreational vehicle. From the joy you get from bonding with your family on weekend camping trips to the freedom you experience when you live out of an RV, here are just a few of the benefits that come with owning a motorhome, camper, or other types of RVs:

  • WiFi access allows you to work from your RV
  • You can hit the road at any time (even in a pandemic)
  • You’ll have access to food and a bathroom wherever you are
  • Your pets can come along for the ride

A recreational vehicle can also feel homier than a hotel room and has more space than a van. You can decorate it to suit your taste, upgrading it all at once or over time.

RV Cons

Just like with any other vehicle or home choice, there are both pros and cons to RV ownership. While having an RV offers clear benefits, it’s not for everyone. Here are some cons to RV ownership:

  • You’ll need RV insurance
  • Decor can be dated, especially in older models
  • Buying non-breakable dishes and glasses is ideal
  • You have to clean and maintain your RV
  • RV values drop quickly
  • RVs don’t fit every lifestyle

The learning curve for RVs is also a drawback for some. Such a large vehicle can be difficult to drive, and there are travel considerations you may not have thought of, like height restrictions on your route. We recommend doing a lot of research before every trip. Go RVing is a great resource.

How expensive is it to own an RV?

While you can probably snag a used, no-frills camper for less than the price of a new economy car, a deluxe motorhome will set you back more than the cost of a house in many markets. But it’s the day-to-day expenses that can continue to cause financial frustration, especially when gas prices go through the roof. Here are some ways to offset those costs:

  • Use gas-tracking apps and credit cards with good cash-back rates for gas purchases
  • Buy a pass to national parks, many of which offer camping at an additional cost
  • If you’re towing a trailer, drive your car when the RV is parked
  • Find online work or perform paid online tasks
  • Sell travel photos or write a travel blog

Although expenses can add up, you’ll also save a lot by and eating in your RV and skipping hotel rooms. Of course, you can always go out to eat when the mood strikes, but it’s good to know you can enjoy meals in your camper or motorhome for less.

Texas RV Storage Near You

Whether you want to live out of an RV or simply travel when the urge strikes, the pros and cons to RV life are many. But there’s one thing you won’t have to worry about if you park your recreational vehicle at Storage Choice: having a secure, convenient place for your home on wheels at these Texas locations:

Contact our friendly staff with questions or reserve a space online; be sure to watch for special discounts. Happy travels from the Storage Choice team!

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