Tips for Living with a Roommate for the First Time

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The first year of college is full of fun and excitement. It’s also a time of great change, especially for people who have never shared a room with someone. If you’re getting ready to head off to college and know you will have a new roommate, here are a few tips to help make the transition easier, so you’re not stuck living in self-storage for college students.

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Tips for New Roommates

  • Communicate ASAP: You’re going to find that communication is paramount when dealing with a roommate. Talk as much as possible right away, so you can help avoid conflicts before they start. And, you can decide what each of you is bringing to the dorm room or apartment, and whether you’ll need self-storage for college students to house any extra stuff.
  • Address minor issues before they become major problems: Do you find yourself slightly annoyed about the dirty dishes left in the sink? Is your roommate helping herself to your Doritos? Talk to her about these things while they’re still minor annoyances. She may not even know that what she’s doing is bothering you, and it can help correct the action before it becomes a major source of strain later on.
  • Respect your roommate’s space: Even though you’re sharing a lot of things, there are still things that need to be off-limits when it comes to your roommate. Maybe he doesn’t want you messing with his computer. Maybe he needs a corner of the room cleared out for him to study. Whatever it is, make sure you’re not only respecting your roommate’s things, but also his space. If your stuff is taking up too much space in the room, you may want to look into self-storage for college students.
  • Get ready for change: Maybe it’s something as simple as the way you cut your peanut butter and jelly sandwich. Maybe it’s something as big as differing religious views. Whatever it is, keep in mind that your roommate might come from a completely different background than you, and be open to the new ideas and experiences that come along with sharing space with a stranger.

Living in a cramped space like a dorm room or college apartment is a true test of your ability to get along with others. And, it can be made worse if your room is full of things you don’t need. If you need to clear space in your room to help nurture your relationship with your roommate, there are many options available for self-storage for college students available. Ask us about your options, and we’ll be happy to find the solution that best suits you and your roommate.