Support the Cedar Hill Food Pantry with a Drive

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Cedar Hill, TX is a town of countless great qualities – and a city that Storage Choice Self Storage is proud to call home. The best quality of Cedar Hill is the giving and caring spirit that saturates the community. Wherever you go, you’ll find a friendly face and a helpful hand; it’s just what being a part of the community is about. It’s what the Cedar Hill Food Pantry is all about, too. Every month, the pantry serves more than 300 families in need.

In 2006, the New2You Thrift Store was opened to offer even more support to local families. Providing clothing, food and household items to those in need isn’t easy for the pantry and thrift store to do, but you can help. It’s as simple as using your Cedar Hill self storage unit to host a food and goods drive.

Holding Your Own Mini Storage Drive

Making donations to the food pantry is a great way for community members to help families in need. If your family or organization wants to collect donations to help out, set up a staging area in your self storage unit. To start, designate a special area for donations and make sure that it’s clean. You can use bookshelves, racks or cupboards to keep food items off the floor.

Of course, you’ll want to collect the items that local families need the most. The food pantry and New2You welcome a variety of items including

  • Clothing
  • Toys
  • Books
  • Basic household goods
  • Non-perishable food items

Families in Cedar Hill are always in need of good-quality, season-specific clothing. If you’d like to help out during the winter by collecting jackets and gloves, start your drive a few months before the weather will turn cold. Use the same strategy to collect warm-weather clothes.

Tips for Collecting Goods

Hosting a successful drive to benefit the local food pantry and thrift store is about collecting the right items and keeping them organized. Sort donations as you receive them. Use waterproof, pest-proof storage containers for clothing. You can use a bookshelf to sort books and small household items. Before you take your donations to the food pantry, repackage them in disposable boxes or bags.

Holding a drive for our local food pantry and thrift store is a great way to give back to the community. Contact your local Storage Choice facility and put your mini storage unit to new use in order to help local families.