How To Prepare Your Motorcycle After Storage

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woman riding motorcycle

It’s springtime, and Pearland, Texas, bikers are getting their motorcycles out of self storage and ready for the road. Although many are smart enough to store their bikes in Storage Choice storage units over the winter, it’s sort of a ritual to take it out and give it a good look-over before hopping back on it for the season. What’s even better, their bikes can be prepped right in the storage unit.

Before you take to the streets, run through this checklist to make sure everything is in order.

Road Ready Checklist:

  • Examine the tires to verify that they’re road-ready after being in self storage. Check their tread and look for cracks. Inflate the tires if necessary.
  • Problems with your fuel system should be minimal if you used a gas stabilizer before storing your motorcycle last winter. If the gas seems thick, apply a bit of jet cleaner to thin it before starting the engine. If you notice condensation, empty the tank, and fill it with fresh gas.
  • Most Pearland motorcyclists change their oil before putting their bikes in storage units. Even if you did, check it anyway.
  • Clean or replace your air filter.
  • Remove the tool bag, and wipe down your tools.
  • Check the floor of the storage unit for any leaks. Examine the motor, forks and hoses from every angle to be sure no brake fluid, gas or oil is leaking.
  • Your battery may have lost its charge while it was in self storage. If it’s low, recharge it.
  • Make sure your brake pads aren’t worn, and check the brake fluid. Top it off if it’s not full.
  • Look for signs of wear on your belt. For chain driven-bikes, clean and lube the chain.
  • If you plugged your exhaust and air intake to keep mice or birds out, be certain to unplug them.
  • Examine your riding gear, including your helmet, boots, leathers and gloves. Your last line of defense must be in tip-top shape.
  • Go to a parking lot, and sharpen your riding skills with hard stops and tight turns. Practice weaving in and out of pylons. Your skill as a rider is your best defense against accidents.

After following these steps, you’ll be ready for another summer of fun on your bike. Keep your eyes open for dangerous situations, and have a great time. Be courteous to other Pearland bikers, and stay safe! When the season’s over and it’s time to get it back into your Pearland storage unit, we’ll be here to help.