Master Your Craft at the Texas State Fair

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Texas state fair ferris wheel lit up with lights at night

Humans have been creating art since the dawn of time when cavemen used berries to create ink and to leave their handprints on the walls. It’s the arts that bind us all and allows everyone to express themselves and their uniqueness. If you’re a fan of the arts, you don’t want to miss the many exhibits at the Texas State Fair in Dallas, TX this September through October.

Feel Creative at the Texas State Fair

The State Fair of Texas begins on September 29 and ends on October 22, giving you almost an entire month to enjoy the shows, to play numerous games, to hop on thrilling rides, and to view the 2017 Creative Arts competition.

What kind of art can you expect to see?

The Creative Arts competition features more than 1,100 categories, so you can expect to see everything from paintings and canning to quilting and ceramics. Whether you’re a fan of needlework or photography, you’ll see hundreds of contestants showing off their creative talents at the fair.

When do the contests begin?

Pre-fair contests have already begun, but daily competitions happen all throughout the month of the Texas State Fair. Even if you miss the pre-fair exhibits, you can catch new contests such as metal sculpting and pie baking for 24 days. If you’re taking part in the contests and need a place to store your art beforehand, self storage is a great option for keeping everything out of the way and protected from the humidity until the big day.

Be Inspired to Create Something Great

Viewing all the creative exhibits at the Texas State Fair would cause anyone to feel inspired. Whether you’re into making jewelry or canning jellies, it’s a good time to start releasing your inner creativity. If you’re short on space for your creations, Storage Choice can help. You can transform one of our storage units into your own gallery space for storing art or supplies when you have no room at home.

If you’re a contestant at the fair and have room at home, self storage is still a good investment as it gives you extra space in which to craft and to store your art before the event. The Texas State Fair and the Creative Arts competition in Dallas, TX only happens once a year. Storage Choice hopes that you make the most of it by crafting something amazing this fall and using storage units to your advantage.