Fitting Self Storage Into Your Schedule

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Families in Arlington, TX are always on the go. Whether it’s work, shopping, or the kids’ after-school activities, there’s hardly any time to fit other things into a family’s schedule. If you’ve considered self storage but don’t know how to fit it into your schedule, Storage Choice makes it easier than ever. We’ll help you with tips on how to get in and out of a storage unit quickly, as well as how to rent one without hassle.

How to Efficiently Use Storage Units

A clean, well-organized storage unit makes things easier on you when you’re in a hurry. When you’re storing your belongings in a unit, place everything along the walls, leaving a U-shaped opening in the middle. This space will give you the freedom to walk in and out without tripping over clutter.

Organize things by type, and mark each box with easy-to-read labels. Setting up a few shelves will give more storage space above when you’ve run out of room on the floor. If you write down the items on an inventory sheet as you place them in the unit, you can keep track of things more easily and find them right away.

Storage Choice Self-Service Kiosks

Whether you need to rent a storage unit on a holiday or after closing hours, our self-service kiosks are available on your schedule. Use our convenient kiosks to rent a unit, set up an account, browse prices, and more. You can manage everything without the need to wait in line, schedule an appointment, or talk forever with a service agent. Our kiosk services are open 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Learn more about how our kiosks make life easy when you’re in a hurry.

Self Storage on Your Schedule

Fitting storage units into your schedule is easy with Storage Choice in Arlington, TX. Our self-service kiosks eliminate frustrating wait times, delays, and after-hours scheduling. You can rent a unit 24 hours a day on your time, in addition to making payments and managing your account. When you want to do things on your schedule, make the right choice with Storage Choice.