Downsizing: How to Do More with Less

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Residents in Dallas, TX downsize for different reasons. Some people may have to move into a smaller place, while others simply need to make more room at home. No matter the reason, you can get more out of your living space by following these tips – and moving your excess clutter to self storage.

Self Storage Tips for Downsizing

Take inventory in each room.

Before you move or decide to downsize, you should go through all of your belongings. Go room by room, and check to see what’s important and what you can live without. Take an inventory of every item to help you make a better decision when it comes to storing some items and taking others with you.

Sell some things; store some things.

You may want to sell some items to make extra money for living expenses. You may also want to hold on to certain items for later. Storage units help you categorize your belongings and keep them for a future yard sale or later move-in date.

Organize the right way.

A disorganized storage unit is no better than a cluttered room at home. Use bins, boxes, and shelves to organize your items in the unit and keep track of where things are. In addition, keeping everything organized at home will help you prevent clutter in the future.

Learn to live minimally.

You need multiple glasses, dishes, and cookware. You might also need more than one television in your home. However, having multiples of everything just takes up space. If you have duplicate couches and other large items, keep only what you really need, and store the rest.

Downsizing the Storage Choice Way

Whether you’re storing items for a month or longer, Storage Choice in Dallas, TX has self storage to help you downsize. With your own storage unit, you can gain extra space at home to live a minimal lifestyle. You won’t feel cramped in a smaller place with all the clutter. If you live in a larger home, clearing out those in-the-way items will open up your living space and give you room to breathe.