Avoiding Pests with Smart Storage Techniques

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Clutter stacked up against a wall.

The seasons have started to change in Cedar Hill, TX, bringing slightly cooler weather to our area. As the temperatures continue dipping, pest insects and rodents will go on the hunt for warmer places to hide out until the spring. They try their best to infest anywhere including basements, attics, and garages. If you want to avoid pests in your belongings, it’s time to get smart about storage. Whether you’re storing items at home or in self storage, we have five tips to help keep the pests out of your stuff for good.

5 Pest-Prevention Storage Tips

1. Store seasonal clothing in plastic containers.

Pests such as rodents like to build nests inside clothing and hunker down for the winter. If you keep clothing in boxes, put them in plastic containers instead. The hard plastic will keep rodents out and protect your clothes even better during storage.

2. Reduce clutter inside and outside.

Insects and rodents love clutter because it gives them a good hiding place. Reduce the clutter in your garage, closets, and attic to remove their precious hiding spots. You should also take away any clutter from the yard, like leaves or weeds, as it will attract pests and bring them one step closer to your home.

3. Transfer boxed goods to sealed containers.

Pest insects and rodents chew through boxed and bagged goods like flour and cereal. Transfer pantry items such as rice and flour to plastic containers. Tightly seal them to keep pests out of your food in the pantry.

4. Wrap upholstered furniture in plastic.

If you have a couch or other upholstered furniture stored away or otherwise unused, cover it with plastic to protect the fabric and preventing nests inside.

5. Use off-site storage as an alternative.

When all else fails, storage units are great for your excess clutter and unused belongings. Some units also have climate control, protecting your items from humidity, heat, and other damaging environmental effects. At Storage Choice, we take the protection of your belongings seriously, so we go as far to have professional pest experts treat our facilities.

Self Storage Prevents Pest Infestations

As cooler weather settles on Cedar Hill, TX, it’s wise to pest-prevent your home. If you’re looking for better ways to store your belongings, Storage Choice is the ideal choice. Our storage units keep out unwanted pests and protect your items from Texas’ harsh climate. We’ll help you find a unit that best suits your belongings and keeps them in their best condition, throughout the winter season.