How To Properly Store Furniture

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Men moving furniture into moving truck

Fine furniture will last generations if properly cared for. If you are not able to use all of your furniture in your home, proper storage will keep it in good condition until it is needed again. If you don’t have enough storage space in your house, furniture can be placed in Storage Choice Self Storage lockers in Houston, TX. Houston storage lockers come in a variety of sizes, ranging from large lockers that accommodate belongings from several rooms, to small lockers for just a few pieces.

Wood Furniture

Wood furniture should be cleaned and polished before storage. Dismantle pieces with removable parts such as legs, headboards or table tops. Label dismantled pieces to make reassembly easier. Use thick padding to avoid damage during transport and storage. Leave enough space in the storage unit to allow air to circulate and prevent pieces from rubbing against one another.

Upholstery and Bedding

Vacuum or wash and iron cushions, mattresses, pillows and draperies before storing to remove dust and any insects like dust and debris. Place well-dried items in plastic bags and close with tape to seal out moisture. Store mattresses in properly sized mattress bags and seal completely. Store mattresses flat if possible so that the inner padding keeps its shape.

Features to Look for When Choosing Houston Storage Lockers

When deciding on the size and placement of storage lockers in Houston, TX for your belongings, look for a unit with easy access to unload large items. The extremes of temperature and high humidity in the Houston area can cause wood to swell or crack, upholstery to mold and topical coatings like gilding to become brittle or separate from the base medium. Use climate controlled Houston storage lockers to ensure that your upholstery, bedding and fine objects are not damaged by moisture or fluctuations in temperature. Store boxes and wood furniture on palettes to avoid seepage of moisture from the concrete floor. Make sure there is enough space for you to move about between items.

If you need a convenient and affordable place to stash your furniture, contact Storage Choice Self Storage today! We offer climate controlled storage and our facilities are monitored by video recording. Your furniture will be protected when you store with Storage Choice Self Storage!