National Golf Day

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If you’re an avid golfer, you know that National Golf Day is right around the corner. National Golf Day traces its roots back to 1952, when the PGA decided to sponsor the annual holiday in spirit of golf and charity. Since the 50s, the holiday has brought together professionals, amateurs, and fans for a day of sports and philanthropy. National Golf Day also brings awareness and exposure to the sport of golf itself. The PGA and other golf experts are currently trying to remove the stigma that golf is an elitist sport. This year on National Golf Day, expect more diversity and a broader audience enjoying the sport.

If you plan to golf on October 4th, expect to have a great time. The fall weather will be perfect in Pearland for a pleasant day on the green, but colder days are soon to follow. The change of seasons brings the question: what should I do with my golf equipment once the warm weather seasons are over?

Storage for Your Golf Equipment

Storage Choice Self Storage in Pearland is a great option for those wishing to store their essential golf gear until fairer weather returns. Storage units in Pearland, TX allow customers to keep equipment in pristine condition until spring’s return. Although some golf lovers are hesitant to part with their expensive golf equipment, storage units in Pearland, TX are insulated from the temperature changes and accessible all year; if the need to retrieve an item arises, you can easily access the unit. Another benefit to self storage in Pearland is that storing golf clubs and gear away from home will keep your garage clutter free for those blustery, damp days.

By using a self storage in Pearland, you’ll get an additional benefit: it will feel like Christmas when you retrieve your equipment for the next season. Enjoy a safe, secure home for your golf equipment and free up some room in your home by storing for future use.

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