How to Make Your Own Indoor Garden

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It’s never too late to get some green in your life, and an indoor herb garden can do just that even if you don’t have outdoor space available. Herb gardens can be as big or as small as you’d like and not only provide fresh herbs for dinner, but also fill the kitchen with a pleasant aroma. If you’ve always wanted to know how to grow a garden indoors, Storage Choice has some tips and information about how to use our storage in Sugar Land, TX, to make some gardening space.

How to Grow a Garden Indoors

Get the right supplies.

You don’t need much to start an herb garden in your home. A plastic container with drainage holes will do just fine. You can pick one up at your local home improvement store or dollar store. While you can use soil from your yard if you have one, potting soil will do a better job and is worth getting. A mister and a watering can, as well as a window or a grow light, will help your herbs grow green and healthy.

Choose your seeds.

You don’t have to limit your indoor garden to herbs alone. You can also grow microgreens such as lettuce and watercress. Some popular herbs to grow indoors include basil and rosemary. Mint is also popular and makes your indoor space smell fresh and, well, minty! You can pick up seeds at most home improvement stores in Sugar Land.

Take care of it every day.

Now that you have the seeds, all you need to do is plant them. Sprinkle a few on top of the soil, and cover them with a very thin layer of soil. Add a little water, and set the container under a grow light or by a window. All you need to do now is be patient and take care of your garden every day, watering it as needed.

It’s Not Too Late to Grow an Herb Garden

Don’t have space indoors to grow an herb garden? No problem. Storage Choice provides storage in Sugar Land, TX, to free up space at home for your new gardening ventures. Use a storage unit as a place for storing extra gardening supplies or unused clutter. With things out of the way, you’ll have the space for growing herbs right in your own home.