How to Know if Your Baseball Memorabilia is Worth Keeping

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When the snow starts to melt and summer approaches, many sports fans have just one thing on their minds—baseball. For some, being a fan means more than watching games. Collecting memorabilia is a great way to get maximum enjoyment from your favorite sport. But how do you know which items are worth keeping and which are simply low-value souvenirs? Storage Choice has some experience with both, and we can help with baseball storage tips and other info for collectors. And when you need Dallas, TX, self storage, stop by our facility on Slocum Street in the Design District.

What’s it Worth?

If your collection has taken over a room in your house, it’s time to think about baseball storage and other options. Before you get ready to haul your entire collection to a local self storage facility or sell it all online, take a good look at each item’s value—both financial and sentimental. You may have heard about the woman whose $1 million baseball card collection wowed the Antiques Roadshow team. Maybe you were green with envy hearing that a Laws of Baseball document sold for $3 million at auction, or that a man found a $2 million Honus Wagner card among the many gems in his grandfather’s collection. While few collectors have cards or collectibles worth these staggering sums, it doesn’t mean you don’t have memorabilia worth keeping or selling.

What Makes Baseball Souvenirs Valuable?

Of course, most items for sale are worth what the buyer is willing to pay. Nostalgia can cause a collector to pay a pretty penny for a card, and competitive bidders can drive prices up at both online and live auctions. Emotions aside, though, condition is a major factor when it comes to value. The tiniest of flaws can significantly devalue baseball cards and other sports memorabilia. Place your collection in self storage with climate control to prevent damage from moisture and extreme temperatures. The original packaging also adds significant worth, provided it’s in excellent shape. Fraud also makes collecting much more difficult. Paying to have your cards and souvenirs authenticated is worth the investment if you plan on selling.

For Baseball and Other Collectibles, Choose Storage Choice

Price guides can be helpful in determining value, but you can easily find what collectors are actually paying by searching the last few months’ worth of sold items on eBay and other online selling platforms. Once you’ve decided which items to keep or sell, self storage can help keep clutter at bay. At Storage Choice in Dallas, we offer baseball storage with climate control to safeguard the sports memorabilia you’ve been collecting for all those years. Contact us for help choosing a unit or reserve your space online today!