Garage Sale Customer Service

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If you’re having a garage sale, you probably have a good idea of what you’re selling, how much you want it to cost, and when you’ll have it available for everyone. Proper organization is the key to increasing your garage sales and taking the experience to the next level. Storage Choice in Carrollton, TX, has a few tips to help you provide the best customer service possible for your weekend event.

3 Ways to Improve Your Garage Sales

Offer bags to your customers.

If you’re selling a lot of small items, it’d be nice to offer your visitors a bag when they buy something. You won’t find many people who host a yard sale and give their customers bags to carry out their newly purchased items. Be the first to excel in customer service. It might bring more customers to your next sales event.

Make sure to accept digital payments.

Most people only accept cash when they have a garage or yard sale. Break the mold, and offer digital payments. You can invest in a card slider for your phone and take payments from your customers’ credit and debit cards. Alternatively, create a Venmo account to easily facilitate the transfer of funds. Accepting digital payments might help you sell more items than you normally would if you only took cash.

Provide a sneak peek to get early interest.

Get moving a few weeks before the garage sale by giving your potential customers a sneak peak of your sales items. Use Facebook to your advantage by posting a list of items as you have them. You can post images of the items, how many you have to offer, and what the price is ahead of time. You might get more interest and have a lot more people come and buy your items.

Store Presale Items in Self Storage

Not everyone thinks of customer service when they’re hosting a garage sale. When you have a lot of items to go through, why not store them in self storage before the event? Storage units are all about organization and providing the necessary space to keep your belongings safe, secured and right where you need them. They’re especially useful for when you’re moving, giving you a place to separate sales items from the things you need to store for later. Our storage facility in Carrollton can fulfill all your storage needs. Stop by today!