Where Can I Put My Holiday Decorations When I’m Done with Them?

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When the holidays come around in Texas, it’s time to start decorating. Whether you’re a big fan of Christmas, Halloween, or another holiday, you’ll want to get a jump-start on the seasonal decorations. But you also want a place to properly store your décor during the offseason so it stays good as new for years to come. Storage Choice names just a few benefits of self storage units for your holiday decorations and how switching them out each season can be a smoother process.

Why Storage Units Make Sense for Seasonal Decorations

They won’t clutter your closets.

It’s easy to collect a ton of Christmas and Halloween decorations over the years. If your collection keeps growing, you’ll eventually run out of space for everything. Having a dedicated spot for your decorations, such as a storage unit, will prevent unnecessary clutter in your closets, attic, or garage.

It’s easier to keep track of them.

Once you run out of space in one area, you’ll store your decorations in other parts of your home. After a while, you’ll forget where you put the box with the Christmas lights or the container with the Easter lawn decorations. With a unit of your own, you’ll know where your decorations are whenever the next holiday rolls around.

They’re protected from damage.

Some people store their decorations in a garage or a shed, but they’re not the best spots for seasonal items. For one, the decorations are prone to temperature and humidity damage. In addition, pests can invade the boxes and ruin the decorations. If rodents infest the boxes, you’ll likely have to replace everything altogether.

Our units keep your decorations protected from pest damage. You can opt for a climate-controlled unit and shield them from heat, cold, and humidity damage. Whether you’re worried about rodents and insects or extreme temperatures, our units will keep your seasonal decorations properly stored throughout the year.

Self Storage for Seasonal Decorations

You don’t have to keep track of your decorations when you store them with us. Not only will you know exactly where your decorations are, but you’ll also save space in your closets and attic. Your décor will stay protected against pests and temperature damage, and you’ll have everything in one place so you’re able to switch out your decorations easily every holiday. Ready to save yourself stress? Find the facility location nearest you, and rent your unit today!