How Do I Clean My House For Thanksgiving Guests?

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When you’re hosting a Thanksgiving dinner in Dallas, TX, you’re probably going to have a few family members spending a night or two in your home. Organization is the key to having everything ready and the clutter out of the way before they arrive. We have a few tips to make entertaining an easy and pleasant experience for everyone this holiday season.

Hosting and Cleaning Tips for the Thanksgiving Holiday

Find a new place for the clutter.

If you’re hosting the family dinner, get ready to make room for all of your friends and family members. A few of them might even stay over an extra day or two. It’s important to have enough space to accommodate everyone who’s attending the holiday festivities. A Dallas, TX, self storage unit is the perfect temporary space for the clutter until the holiday is officially over.

Start cleaning a few days early.

You don’t want to wake up on the big day and have cleaning and cooking to do before everyone arrives. You’ll need to take care of these things well ahead of time. If your family is staying for a few days, you will need to make room for them. Start by decluttering the spare bedroom and rearranging things to increase the walking and seating space. If you start on the weekend before the holiday, you’ll have plenty of time to get everything done.

Organize the entertainment areas.

Even if no one is spending the night, you’ll need to organize the entertainment areas to make room for everyone who comes over. Make sure that you have enough seating and that it’s arranged in a way to make everyone feel comfortable. Don’t make the space crowded with furniture. You’ll still want people to be able to move around without feeling cramped in a tiny space.

Entertaining Made Easy With Storage Choice

Having everyone in your home shouldn’t feel overwhelming. All it takes is a little organization to make things go smoothly. If you need to clear out a room for your guests, Storage Choice can help. Reduce the clutter in your home and to make some extra space for your friends and family during the holidays. Contact one of our two Dallas, TX, storage locations today!