Root, Root, Root for the Rangers; If They Don’t Win, It’s a Shame!

baseball player in white jersey swings a baseball bat

Baseball season has arrived, and now it’s time to get your equipment out of self storage and head outdoors to swing the bat around. We’re all about the Rangers here in Arlington, TX, and what better way to celebrate the opening game on April 7 than to set up a baseball cave at home? Whether you’re looking to join a local team or coach a junior squad, Storage Choice has storage units for your equipment and a few tips for staying in the baseball spirit this season.

4 Ways to Stay Hyped for Baseball Season

1. Coach a Little League team.

Some parents volunteer to coach; others are nominated for the role. If you have little ones who enjoy playing the game, consider coaching or helping out with a Little League team. It’s a great way to surround yourself with baseball and to connect with the kids.

2. Play catch in the afternoons.

Tossing the baseball around after work is a sure-fire way to release job-related stress. If your equipment has been in the closet or self storage for the winter, you’ll want to get it ready for some action. Oil up your glove to clean and to prepare it for those fastballs, and break in your bat with a few soft tosses off the fence.

3. Join a local baseball league.

Some businesses in Arlington, TX participate in baseball every season for bragging rights and trophies. If your company has a team of its own, join in on the fun. You’ll develop team spirit, get to play competitive ball and learn more about the people that you work with.

4. Set up a baseball game room.

Nothing beats having your own game room where you can sit back and enjoy a few drinks and snacks while watching the Rangers. Convert your den, basement or spare bedroom into a baseball room by moving the clutter to storage units. With the unnecessary stuff out of the way, you can move in a nice sofa, set up an HDTV, decorate the walls with memorabilia and have a game room for the ages.

Storage Choice Says Go Rangers!

Don’t let this baseball season come and go without taking full advantage of it. Storage Choice has affordable storage units in Arlington for storing your equipment during the off-season and for your clutter when it’s time to make room for the game.

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