Protecting Your Possessions: A Guide to a Damage-Free Move

Couple sitting on couch packing boxes for a move.

Whether your destination is Sugar Land, TX or somewhere else in Texas, moving can actually be an exciting event – that is, until you find your dishes and picture frames are broken on arrival. Moving is already stressful enough without the worry of damaging your belongings during transit. Storage Choice has your back with the top moving supplies to keep your items protected on the move and also in self storage.

Supplies You Can’t Move Without

Storage Boxes

There’s no one-size-fits-all storage box. We have boxes of all types to pack everything from garden tools to seasonal clothes in our storage units. Our heavy-duty wardrobe boxes are perfect for hanging clothes and winter coats. You can get small boxes for your miscellaneous items and durable storage boxes for heavier items like books and kitchenware. Don’t forget these necessary items to add to your storage boxes as you pack your things:

  • Bubble wrap
  • Packing peanuts
  • Wrapping paper
  • Tape

Dish and Glass Savers

Sometimes it takes more than placing your dishes in a box with newspaper to keep them safe during a move. Dish and glass saver kits work wonders at protecting your dishes, glasses, mugs, and china. The kits come with foam inserts that fit securely into our small storage boxes, protecting each item from damage.

Furniture and Mattress Covers

It’s always wise to cover your sofa and dining chairs before you move and while they’re in self storage. Maybe it will rain as you’re moving them out of your home, or perhaps dust will coat them as they sit in storage. Use sofa and chair covers to keep them protected from dirt, dust, and rain, and don’t forget to cover your mattresses to keep them clean and dry.

Move the Right Way with Storage Choice

Don’t show up to your home or your storage units in Sugar Land, TX with your valuables broken beyond repair. Storage Choice has numerous packing and moving supplies to help protect your glassware, photo frames, vases, and other items. No matter if you want to keep your mattresses clean and dry or your boxes sealed tightly, we’ve got the right supplies to help you pack, move, and store your belongings.

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