Prepare for Hurricane Season by Storing Valuables

Hurrican Evacution Sign

Are you properly prepared for hurricane season? As the Gulf Coastal region enters hurricane season, it’s time for residents to evaluate whether they are prepared for extremes of weather that can damage property and belongings. The International Hurricane Protection Association and major insurers across the United States offer several tips to residents to make sure that important papers, valuables and property are protected from damage or loss during major storms.

When a hurricane is approaching, there is not time to collect important papers or properly protect valuables. Climate-controlled Storage Choice storage units in Pearland provide protection from weather extremes for fragile and important items. Experts recommend making copies of important records and keeping them in a safe place such as a safe deposit box or a secure self-storage unit. Keep originals in a portable box that can be easily grabbed and taken with you if you need to evacuate. Important papers include birth and marriage certificates, property deeds, wills, financial documents and certificates, official documents like Social Security cards, driver’s licenses and passports, medical records and copies of credit cards. Documents can also be scanned and kept on computer backup devices.

Record and update documentation of valuables. Some people take videos or photographs of the contents of their homes to show ownership of possessions. This is helpful for insurance claims if damage occurs. If you are concerned about furniture or valuables, consider using climate-controlled self storage in Pearland or nearby communities.

To keep your valuables and furniture dry, experts recommend using waterproof containers regardless of whether items will be kept in self storage in Pearland or at home. Store boxes and furniture on pallets above the floor to prevent damage from moisture. Label boxes and files so that items and documents are easy to find and retrieve when needed.

Business owners in the Houston area understand the importance of keeping records safe, particularly during the height of hurricane season. There are several sizes of storage units in Pearland and nearby communities that can protect your important documents not only during times of bad weather but year round.

Storage Choice has storage facilities throughout Texas. Contact Storage Choice to find a storage facility near you and get prepared for hurricane season.

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