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12 Nov
christmas gifts
Kid-Proof Hiding Spots for Your Christmas Gifts

The holiday season is approaching in Cedar Hill, TX, and it’s time to get a head start on shopping for gifts and to keep them hidden until Christmas Day. If you don’t hide them well enough, curiosity may get the better of your kids, and their surprise could be ruined. Storage Choice is here with...

15 Oct
Couple moving a television.
Defend Your Electronics from the Elements with Climate Control

Electronics such as computers, game consoles, and hard drives are sensitive to extreme temperatures and humidity. As a resident of Pearland, TX, you know how hot and humid it gets in the summer. If you have electronics stored away in the attic or the garage, they’re prone to temperature damage. Storage Choice has the answer...

10 Sep
Hand and table with dust on it.
Self Storage Cleaning Tips to Keep Your Unit Dirt- and Dust-Free

Few of us give much thought to the cleanliness of our storage units. No matter how spotless your home is, it’s easy to let the contents of your self storage space gather dust – especially if you don’t visit frequently. Dust is the enemy of fabric and other materials. It can create unpleasant odors and...

13 Aug
Table with garage sale items on it.
Coming Up with a Garage Sale Layout Ideal for You and Your Buyers

You’re taking the time to put on a garage sale, so why not do all you can to sell your stuff? Take your cue from retailers and maximize your space when displaying your household goods. You’ll make more money – and have less clutter getting in your way at the end of the day. Storage...

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