How to Pack a Self Storage Unit

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Storage Choice Self Storage in Carrollton, TX is the perfect solution for de-cluttering your home. Convenient and safe storage facilities can accommodate out-of-season decorations, clothing and recreational gear. They can also safeguard furniture and family heirlooms that you currently don’t have room for. A little proactive planning can help you maximize the space and provide easy access to your stored belongings. Properly packing items can also prevent damage while your belongings are in storage.

  • Place larger and heavier items on the bottom and to the rear of your storage unit. Stack medium and smaller containers on top of larger ones.
  • Disassemble beds, tables and other large items if possible. Place screws, nuts and bolts in a plastic bag taped to the furniture pieces, so they are not misplaced.
  • Pack items to be stored long-term in cardboard boxes. Use bubble wrap or biodegradable packing peanuts to protect fragile items that will be placed in storage lockers in Carrollton, TX. Use pads or blankets to protect the finish on furniture.
  • Use a marker to write the contents on the outside of the box. You may also consider using transparent plastic containers. Place boxes and containers with the labels facing out.
  • Take advantage of the vertical space by installing metal or heavy-duty plastic shelves to store smaller, lighter items. Store items along the sides and rear of the unit. Whenever possible, place your items on pallets instead of the concrete floor.

Plan for Future Access

To make accessing items easier, leave a pathway down the middle of your storage locker in Carrollton, TX. Place items that you may need to access regularly near the front of the unit. Create a diagram that identifies where various items are stored. Refer to the diagram when you are looking for or returning an item to the unit.

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