Celebrate National Clean Up Your Room Day

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brown dog sitting on floor with clothes thrown over him

Parents have a new favorite holiday: National Clean Up Your Room Day. Okay, it has a slightly odd ring to it, and it doesn’t conjure images of candy, presents or jolly songs like other holidays; but, it does benefit you in other ways, such as giving you a day to clear out the clutter and free up space in your room. On May 10, parents in League City, TX, and across the country can take advantage of the day, and get self storage to help along the way.

5 Tips for Organizing Your Room

Cleaning your room doesn’t have to feel like a chore. In fact, it can be a fun and rewarding experience. With a little music and some pep in your step, you’ll whistle while you work and have a fun time getting things done. And hey, maybe your enthusiasm will help get the kids on board. Here are some tips for you and the kids to organize your rooms:

  1. Get everything off the floor.

A cluttered floor makes a room look messier than it is. Pick up all the clutter, and separate everything by what you plan to keep or toss. Donate or store what you don’t want in the house, and organize the rest appropriately.

  1. Store items under your bed.

Don’t just shove items under your bed. An unused drawer makes the perfect storage unit for storing shoes, books and other small items. Small storage cubbies fit and slide easily under the bed and keep everything organized.

  1. Organize the closet by color.

If you organize your clothes by color, the closet will look more organized, and you’ll be able to choose an outfit more easily. You can also organize and hang your clothes according to type, season or occasion.

  1. Clear out the clutter in the drawers.

You can call it a junk drawer, but it’s really just a cluttered mess. No matter if it’s where you store your shirts or underwear, keep every drawer neat and tidy. Use drawer dividers when necessary to keep smaller items like socks and belts separate.

  1. Take advantage of door and wall space.

The back of your closet and bedroom doors have unused space. Use hooks and door racks for organizing extra items such as scarves, belts, robes and hats.

Use Self Storage for Safekeeping

When you have more items than you know what to do with, turn to Storage Choice in League City, TX for affordable self storage. We have a storage unit with your name on it, giving you a place to keep your unused items without them getting in the way.