Organizing Your Unit for Access Later

Organizing Your Unit for Access Later

If you need to make better use of space in your home by using a storage unit, organizing your self storage unit is important!

If you need to make better use of space in your home by using a storage unit, organizing your self storage unit is important. By carefully planning how to  arrange things within the storage unit, you can make maximum use of the space available in the storage unit. Whether you are storing things for a little while, or long term, using common sense in organizing your self storage unit will also mean that you can access your belongings easily and efficiently.

  • Careful packing is the first step in organizing your storage unit. Use boxes, preferably of a uniform size, to enable easy stacking. Do not use plastic bags, which can hold moisture and ruin whatever is in the bags. Pack carefully, so that your belongings will not be damaged in transit or while in storage. Pack boxes full enough to prevent crushing, but not so full that they are unwieldy.  Label everything carefully to avoid confusion.
  • Put large items into your unit first. Begin with appliances and furniture, making sure that furniture does not lean against the walls of the unit. Stack boxes on top of furniture when possible, but make sure that you do not stack boxes too high—you need to be able to reach them easily. Furthermore, a box falling from a great height can cause serious injury. Pack the things you will need to access most often toward the door of the storage unit.
  • Leave space around the edges and in between. This will affords not only easy access, but it will also improve ventilation within the storage unit.
  • Maintain an inventory. When organizing a storage unit, keep a list of what contents are in the storage unit. If you’d like an extremely detailed list, begin writing it while you are packing, instead of trying to do it by memory once the storage unit is packed.

Organizing your self storage unit is easy when you choose one that perfectly suits your needs. Storage Choice offers climate-controlled units in a wide variety of sizes, for short or long-term storage, in a secure and easy to access facility. Visit the website to learn about self storage Texas residents can trust, or just to find helpful tips on managing your unit. Read the blog for more information, or join the online community on Facebook and Twitter.

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