Moving Home for Summer: What Are You Doing With Your Extra Stuff?

It may not be your first thought when moving home for the summer, but self storage for college students is something to consider. You have gained many things while away at school, like independence, knowledge, and a more secure sense of yourself. However, you have probably gained some other things too, like furniture and décor that will not fit into your old room at your parents’ house. Sometimes, a climate-controlled or non climate-controlled storage unit can be a student’s best friend.

You may have become used to living on your own, but so have your parents. Bringing a bunch of stuff into the house to overflow their living space is not the most considerate thing to do. Still, you will need most of your things when you move back out. This is where self storage for college students comes in.

  • A climate-controlled storage unit protects things from damage. Rather than stashing your belongings in your parents’ garage or attic, where it risks damage from heat and humidity, leave your things in a unit that protects them from possible damage. Cliamte-controlled self storage, for college students, is a smart way to make sure the things you need are in good condition when you are ready for them.
  • Self storage takes the hassle out of moving. Think about it: do you really want to tote a bunch of stuff back and forth? Leave it at the storage unit and get it when you need it.
  • The security at some self storage facilities is intense. If your X-Box  is in a climate-controlled unit, with self storage security measures like computer-controlled gates, security cameras, and closed-circuit monitoring, trust us — your X-Box is safe. Self storage for college students can be intimidating, as you may feel you are entrusting all your worldly goods to strangers. Rest assured, self storage managers are in the business of keeping things well protected.
  • Self storage does not have to be pricey. Use the online calculator to decide how much storage you really need, and you will save money by renting the correctly-sized space.

Especially for students at TCU in Fort Worth, Storage Choice is an excellent alternative to dragging all your worldly belongings back home. Don’t trash your parents’ house; leave your stuff at Storage Choice for the summer. For more information about self storage for college students, check out the website or connect with the online community on Facebook and Twitter.

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