Make Your Self Storage Unit More Functional

View down the hallway of a self storage facility

Storage units help residents and business owners reduce clutter while keeping important possession all in one place. The way you arrange items in your self storage unit can help you become even more organized and efficient. Storage Choice offers these tips for getting maximum value from self storage for your home or business in Cedar Hill, TX.

Choose the Right Size

It all starts with the right unit size. The main concern with finding the right unit for your needs is allowing enough room to store all your things and maintain easy access to them. Make sure there’s space to create an aisle to reach items in the back and at the sides. Storage Choice offers a size guide to help you make the right decision.

Box It Up

Choosing the right boxes for the job is equally important. It’s tempting to gather old boxes from the basement, friends’ garages, or the storage room at work. But be sure your boxes are up to the job so they don’t collapse during moving. We offer moving supplies to make storing your belongings easier. Uniformly sized boxes make easy work of stacking. Place lighter items on top, and label each box with its specific contents. Putting boards between layers of boxes provides added stability.

More Tips for Efficient Storage

Storage units provide even more space when you make use of every square inch. Place clothing and other lightweight items in chest freezers and nightstand, desk, or dresser drawers. Keep everything tidy and easy to reach with these additional tips:

  • Group items by functionality or season
  • Tape hardware to appliances or furniture in sandwich bags
  • Put large or infrequently used items in the back of the unit
  • Keep a step stool handy for safe access to items stored higher up

Making it easy to retrieve your belongings when you need them will help you keep your storage unit – and your Cedar Hill, TX home or business – organized and clutter-free.

Storage, the Right Way

Whether you’re moving, need temporary storage or just want to keep your space as organized as possible, self storage can help. With moving supplies and a range of available services, Storage Choice provides a convenient solution to all your organizational needs. Contact us today to reserve one of our storage units in Cedar Hill, TX or another location near you.

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