Kid-Proof Hiding Spots for Your Christmas Gifts

christmas gifts

The holiday season is approaching in Cedar Hill, TX, and it’s time to get a head start on shopping for gifts and to keep them hidden until Christmas Day. If you don’t hide them well enough, curiosity may get the better of your kids, and their surprise could be ruined. Storage Choice is here with tips on where to hide your Christmas gifts and how self storage can help.

3 Secret Hiding Spots for Christmas Gifts

Hide them at a friend’s house.

If your children know all the best hiding spots for presents, keeping the gifts at your friend’s house is a good idea. If you order the gifts online and want to prevent your kids from seeing them when they arrive, ask your friends if it’s alright to have the gifts delivered at their homes. You can always wrap the presents there and bring them home when it’s time to put them under the tree.

Keep them at the office.

You won’t have to worry about your kids finding their presents if you leave everything at the office. If the office allows it, you can also have the gifts delivered to your work. You’ll be able to wrap the gifts during lunch and bring them home a few days before Christmas.

Store them in the attic or the basement.

If you have young kids, chances are they’re scared of dark places like the attic or the basement, especially if they’re unfurnished and have a lot of clutter piled up. Keeping your gifts in these areas will prevent your children from sneaking in and taking a peek at what’s inside Christmas boxes and bags. You can also put a lock on the doors as an added measure to keep your kids’ prying eyes off their gifts.

Storage Units Make the Best Hiding Spots

Don’t let curiosity kill the Christmas surprise. Use self storage to hide your gifts from your children this holiday season. Our storage units are conveniently located in Cedar Hill, TX and will keep your gifts locked up and hidden until you’re ready to reveal them on Christmas Day.

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