How to Stay Clutter-Free While Working from Home

As temperatures drop and the days get shorter, those working from home may start to feel cabin fever setting in. While there isn’t much you can do about the upcoming winter weather, you can certainly control the conditions of your living-and-working environment. Discover how decluttering your home office can help minimize cabin fever, anxiety, and other common winter stressors with this guide of declutter tips from Storage Choice.

Get Rid of Unused Items

Before rearranging and reorganizing your home office, it’s crucial to get rid of any belongings you don’t use, need, or want. From chargers for unknown electronics to old bills and receipts, there are many items you may keep “just in case.” However, these “what-if” things can quickly send your home office space into an endless cycle of clutter.

Not sure what counts as clutter? If can’t remember when you’ve last used something and aren’t likely to use it again, it’s probably clutter.

Minimize Knick-Knacks on Your Desk

While you may be tempted to keep decorations on your desk, remember to keep your work space more functional than fashionable. If you clutter your desk with knick-knacks and other non-work related items, it may be more difficult to find the things you actually need during the work day.

Additionally, too many items on your desk often contribute to feelings of anxiety. An overstuffed desk can overwhelm your brain, which may cause you to procrastinate more often during the work day.

Choose one or two knick-knacks that are important to you, then sell, donate, or store the rest. Be sure to have plenty of boxes, tape, and other packing supplies on hand when you’re decluttering your desk.

Categorize Your Office Supplies and Important Documents

Tired of hunting for a stapler or your favorite pen? Categorize everything in your home office to keep your workday functional and organized. Whether you use desk drawers or a rolling organizer cart, keeping similar items with each other will save you precious time and prevent frustration.

In addition to keeping track of your office supplies, it’s critical to organize your documents. From finances to your bills and medical records, losing important documents can quickly lead to frustrated headaches.

A sleek, non-clutter way to organize documents in your home office is to use binders and folders. Not only will binders and folders keep loose papers from cluttering your desk, they’ll also keep your documents within arm’s reach.

Make the Most of Wall Space

Short on square footage in your home office? Get creative and use wall space to keep your workspace decluttered and organized. You can hang filing systems, shelves, and more to keep things off of the floor or off of your desk. Additionally, calendars and whiteboards on the wall can keep important documents and reminders at eye level.

While wall organizers are often helpful, remember not to go overboard and fill your walls with items—too many things on the walls could make the ceiling feel lower, or create the illusion that there’s less space in your home office.

Create More Room with Self Storage

While categorizing your belongings or throwing away old receipts can help declutter your home office, sometimes you simply have more stuff than space. At Storage Choice, you’ll find the storage solution that fits your needs, whether it’s a 5×5 unit for extra closet space or a 10×30 unit capable of housing vehicles or a three-bedroom home. Check out our convenient unit size guide to determine the unit that’s right for you.

Ready to rent your unit? Find a Storage Choice near you and start taking back space in your Texas home office today!

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