How to Build a Fort Worthy of Envy

little girl inside a fort holding a flashlight

February 28 is Public Sleeping Day, but we don’t recommend taking a nap at work or on a park bench in the busy Fort Worth, TX area. Instead, celebrate by sleeping in your favorite childhood safe space: an awesome fort that you’ve built for yourself. In case you’ve forgotten, you can do great things inside a fort. Read ghost stories to your kids. Play a movie on your laptop. Snuggle your pets. You can even use your fort as temporary storage space. More importantly, you can sleep soundly. Here’s a look at five great ideas to help you build an epic fort for your entire family.

Five Easy Fort Ideas

  1. The simplest and most comfortable fort is made right in your own bed. Just hang a few sheets over bed posts, or use thumb tacks to attach them to the walls or ceiling. If you have two or more children sharing a bedroom, creating a bed fort is a great way to create privacy. It takes only minutes to assemble, and you can leave it up all year.
  2. Create an outdoor sheet tent with just a few non-fitted sheets or light blankets and a clothesline or a rope tied between trees. If it’s windy, stake the sheets to the ground. One great benefit of this fort is that there are no size restrictions. You can fit as many people in your fort as you like.
  3. Use a hula hoop to build a small fort by suspending it from the ceiling and hanging sheets over it.
  4. To make a cool fort that looks like it’s full of stars, you’ll need a large cardboard box and a string of holiday lights. Cut an entrance door into one side of the box. Decorate the outside, and cover the inside surfaces with black paper or poster board. Poke holes in the top, and stick individual lights into the holes.
  5. If you have a surplus of old books, stack them on the floor to build walls for a book fort. Drape sheets over the top to create a roof. Leave an extra stack of books inside to use as reading material.

Secure Self Storage: A Fort for Your Stuff

Hiding stuff inside your fort can be fun, but sometimes you need serious protection for your belongings. When you don’t have enough room at home for your extra furniture, sporting gear, or lawn and garden equipment, a secure self storage unit is the ideal solution. For a great deal on clean, safe storage space in Fort Worth TX, contact Storage Choice today.

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