Home Staging 101: Your Guide to Preparing for Moving Season

For sale sign in front of home.

As warmer weather and moving season approach, it’s time to think about home staging. As you put your house on the market, it’s important to understand how to highlight its best features. With storage units in Arlington, TX and other locations to help along the way, Storage Choice offers tips ranging from choosing the right paint color to making your house smell more inviting.

Present a Clean Slate

It goes without saying that potential buyers want to walk into a clean home. Whether you buy specialized cleaning products or watch how-to videos online, go beyond the basics to make a great impression. Gleaming faucets, shiny appliances, freshly vacuumed carpets, and dust-free picture frames create the impression of a well-maintained living space that buyers would feel comfortable calling their own.

Create an Odor-Free Zone

You may think your home smells just fine, but we can become immune to pet, cooking, and messy-kid odors over time. Be extra vigilant about tossing expired groceries and taking out the trash, and have a friend or relative inspect each room for offensive smells. Stock up on carpet deodorizers, garbage disposal cleaners and baking soda for the fridge, and consider baking cookies or making mulled cider before house showings.

Make the Most of Your Space

Optimal space management can be a game-changer. Too-large or too much furniture creates a cluttered impression. Too few furnishings make a space seem cold and empty. Place excess furniture in self storage; borrow or rent new-looking items to fill voids. Don’t rely on your “junk closet” or guest bedroom for stashing excess stuff before last-minute showings, as buyers will likely want to inspect these areas. Instead, eliminate clutter by purging unwanted items and placing clunky belongings you don’t use every day in storage units.

These additional tips will boost your home’s mass appeal:

  • Replace unusual wall colors or patterns with a fresh coat of neutral-colored paint
  • Swap out worn, outdated floors for wood, stone, or tiles in upscale finishes
  • Get rid of ugly fixtures in favor of affordable, stylish alternatives
  • Hide kids’ artwork, family photos, and other personal items so buyers can envision their own belongings in the space

The Help of Self Storage

Whatever your budget or home’s condition, home staging can help shave weeks or even months from the time your house spends on the market. Storage units can be incredibly helpful in the home-staging process, so contact the team at Storage Choice in Arlington, TX. Our friendly staff will be happy to help you find self storage to suit your needs.

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