Get Your Game Face On for the Tour de Houston

Tour de Houston

It starts and ends in front of City Hall at Hermann Square, and it’s your chance to join 5,000 other dedicated riders for the 11th annual Tour de Houston on March 20. Put your training attitude into high gear, get your bike out of self storage, and join Houston, TX as this Gulf Coast city powers up for urban bicycling action at its best.

Rev Your Racing Engine

The shortest leg of this big-city tour clocks in at 20 miles, so make sure that your internal engines are ready to cover ground. Start with an exercise bike to ease into shape, and use a heart rate monitor to track your endurance progress. Train at different paces to keep yourself in a comfortable range of riding zones. You’ll have a better leg up on conquering the course if you build up those muscles with squats, deadlifts and leg presses.

Keep Biking Gear in Shape

If you haven’t checked out affordable storage units in your neighborhood, now is the time to make a secure facility your bike’s home away from home. Houston’s heat and humidity are hard on equipment, so don’t make those wheels sweat out the season in your garage. Different races pose different challenges, and a climate-controlled unit doubles down as your personal staging area. When it’s time to readjust the seat, handlebars and pedals for the next big race, you have plenty of room to work in comfort.

Know How to Stay the Course

You can ride the short leg for fun, or you can go for the long ride by testing your endurance on a 45- or 70-mile route. Check out Tour de Houston’s official website for printable maps of all three options, and get familiar with each course’s ups and downs. Be sure to take a look at how close the different routes are to your self storage. These strategies help you choose which leg of the tour is right for you and your bike.

Tour de Houston isn’t a race for the finish line. Everyone who participates is a winner because all of the proceeds go to H-Town’s reforesting programs. When it’s time to put that bike away for the season, make it a winner too in one of our climate-controlled storage units in Houston, TX. Wherever you are in Harris County, depend on Storage Choice to help keep your game in high gear.

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