How to Fit Big Items in Your Storage Unit Without a Problem

A green couch.

They say everything is bigger in Texas, and the same could be said about the furniture. Sectional couches, double-door refrigerators, and other big items take up a lot of space, especially when it comes to moving them into storage units. Storage Choice in Dickinson, TX has a few tips on how to store large items in the right way and still have enough space for other things.

Storing the Largest of the Large

Line up big items along the walls.

You should always move the bigger items into your storage unit first and line them up along the back wall. It’s also a good idea to line up everything along the sides and the back wall, forming a U-shaped isle in the middle. It’ll be easier to get to everything when you have open floor space.

Take advantage of vertical space.

Stack large items such as couches vertically if you can. Long furniture takes up unnecessary floor space in storage units. Stacking them vertically will save space and allow you to bring in more furniture, appliances and other items. If you can’t store them vertically, cover them with protective wrapping, and stack boxes and other small items on top. If it’s possible, disassemble the furniture to free up extra space in your storage unit.

Use racks when you can.

Just because you’re out of floor space doesn’t mean that you can’t fit any more items inside your storage unit. Bring in racks to create extra storage space along the walls. Racks and floor shelves will give you more space for storing and organizing smaller items as the floor space shrinks. Large dressers can also be used as shelves, giving you a space on top for stacking boxes off the floor.

The Right Storage Choice for Your Belongings

Even small storage units can hold big items when you know how to store everything correctly. If self storage could help to free up space in your home, Storage Choice can help you select a storage unit for your things. Our facility in Dickinson, TX is conveniently located and has everything you need for either short- or long-term storage.

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