Finding Storage When You’re Getting Married

As you are preparing to begin a new life of wedded bliss, chances are that you are not particularly thinking about self storage; but you might want to start. Have you seen his stuff? You may have said, “’Til death us do part”, but you probably weren’t talking about committing to his collection of Star Wars action figures, high school trophies and his awful looking furniture from his bachelor pad. You might want to gently explain to him that you would like to move some things to a nice, comfortable, climate-controlled storage unit, which he can visit whenever he wants. If you need some information to back you up, we’ve got you covered.

  • Experts suggest keeping the past out of your future. This means the moose head from his frat house needs to go! In the spirit of fairness, you might offer to pack up the stuffed animals from your childhood room (and the letters from your ex).  Self storage is a great compromise, where you can keep the things that mean something to you without crowding your spouse’s space.
  • A new life together means a new environment that suits you both. We see you eyeing the bachelor pad furniture, like that recliner with the duct tape. It doesn’t belong in your new love nest. Shop together for things you will both enjoy; then sell, donate, or place into self storage the things that you don’t like. Be gentle, because he may be attached to some of that hideous stuff.
  • Pack it carefully. You want to store his things, not destroy them. Well, maybe you do, but you really shouldn’t, because that will certainly cause marital discord. Pack his things safely to minimize damage on the way to self storage, by making sure they are well protected and the boxes are not overly full.  Use wrapping paper and shrink wrap to protect items.  Most storage facilities will sell a variety of moving and  packing supplies at reasonable prices.
  • Don’t forget your wedding dress! A climate-controlled storage unit is the perfect place to keep the gown safe until your daughter needs it for her wedding. Make sure it is packed properly, in an archival-quality box with archival-quality tissue. Never store your wedding dress in plastic and remove any pins or metal buttons (even if they are fabric covered), since metal can oxidize and ruin the gown. Self storage is a great place for fine china and linens if you do not use these things very often (most of us don’t!).  Ask questions, and find a facility where you are both comfortable. Self storage managers have seen it all, and they can help you find the unit that best suits your needs. Find a facility that is convenient enough for him to visit his comic book collection, with security to keep your prized possessions safe. Make sure you pick a storage facility with favorable access hours so if you need something at the last minute, you can access your belongings.  Some storage facilities have 24 hour access – make sure you ask!

The bottom line is: if you don’t want your husband’s junk around the house, get a storage unit. Storage Choice is a great option, with top-notch self storage security and easily-accessible, climate-controlled and non climate-controlled units with 24 hour access. Most Storage Choice facilities have a moving truck which can be used for free at move-in (call your local facilities for details.) Check out the website for more information about self storage, or connect with the online community on Facebook and Twitter.


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