Dorm Room DIY: For Her

Decorated cut out letters DIY

For many Fort Worth, Texas students, August means it’s time to move into the dorms. Whether you’re going to TCU, UTA, or one of the many other nearby universities, you want to feel at home. Storage Choice has some DIY projects and tips on how to add personalized fun and flair to your space.

Show off your green thumb. Adding some greenery to your room can really add character. However with such a hectic schedule, it’s tough finding time to take care of yourself – let alone a plant. So turn to the low-maintenance plant option like succulents. Top it off by using a brightly colored pot as a planter, or even a charming coffee cup! You can’t really go wrong when it comes to these dry little guys.

Swoon for cross-stich wall art. This twist on a classic technique will have all of your friends asking where you bought such a unique work of art. Pick up a cheap white canvas and some brightly colored thread from a nearby craft store. Then, find an outline you like; some of our favorites include a bear, palm tree, pear, or anchor. Start with a pencil and draw the outline of your item of choice, then split the design up into individual cross-stiches. Get your thread out and start sewing away! You’ll fall hard for this edgy and bold design.

Give your lamp the spotlight. Lamps are a must in dorm rooms because lighting is almost guaranteed to be inefficient. They also ease the tension when your roommate wants to go to sleep but you’ve still got to finish that ten page paper. Don’t settle with a plain choice; add some pizazz with trendy gold paint. This subtle touch of glamour will look like a high end purchase. You can purchase some foam stamps at a local craft store to make application easy. Choose whether you want to go for the shade or the base – either way you’ve got yourself a gold medal masterpiece.

Washi = Winning. We are smitten over Washi tape. Not only is it safe to use on surfaces and easy to remove, but there are countless designs available for every taste. Although we find it useful for about every craft project – we’ve got a few suggestions. Try adding it in a diamond or chevron design on your corkboard. Hang your favorite pictures, tickets, or cards on the wall with it. Even use it to add some flair to your binders and notebooks.

Invest in the pouf. Have you heard of the pouf? Maybe not, but you’ve definitely seen one. They’re like a combination between a floor pillow and an ottoman. During college, people are in and out of your room all the time and there never seems to be enough seating. Treat your guests by pulling out a poof to make sitting on the floor a little more comfortable for their backside. This craft might take up a bit more of your time, but it’s such a versatile piece of furniture that you’ll be thankful you put in the effort. We found a clear and easy to follow floor pouf DIY here.

These DIY projects will make your dorm room seem a little more like home. If you find that you need some more room in the process of creating your crafts, or maybe you just brought a little too many belongings with you, find a nearby Fort Worth storage facility. Not only will you have an easy and convenient option, but your dorm room will never be too cluttered, giving you more room for your style. Make your dorm yours, and let Storage Choice help along the way.

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