Declutter on Old Stuff Day

pile of old stuff for self storage in Arlington TX

March 2 is Old Stuff Day, the time of year to dig through your old, sentimental belongings and recall your fond memories. It’s also a perfect time to consider unloading some old things, too. But how do you decide what to keep and what to get rid of? Where do you even start? First, start with seeking Storage Choice self storage in Arlington, TX. Then start the process of determining what goes into storage, what you want to get rid of and where everything should go.

Getting Started

Make the most of Old Stuff Day by being efficient and organized. Sort your old things into five categories:

  1. Things to keep
  2. Things to sell
  3. Things to donate
  4. Things to pitch
  5. Things to store in Arlington, TX storage lockers

You can also use self storage to temporarily house items you’d like to sell but can’t until the summer. For items you want to pitch, make sure the local sanitation trucks are able to haul it away; otherwise you might be responsible for the costs of hauling and discarding it at the local landfill. First try selling your things on sites like eBay and Craigslist; you never know what someone else will consider a treasured find. As for donating items, contact local donation centers beforehand to make sure they will take them.

Reap the Benefits

On Old Stuff Day, you’ll have a blast reliving happy memories while going through your old belongings. You can always hang onto the memories without hanging onto the items, by snapping a picture of each thing you’re getting rid of. And remember, storing your memories at Storage Choice is a great way to keep them close but keep your house clutter-free and comfortable. Find a Storage Choice Self Storage facility near you and start storing your treasured memories today – and keep your home clutter-free.

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