Make De-cluttering Your New Year’s Resolution

cluttered garage

Make the most of your year by resolving to de-clutter and organize. While many people may share this goal, too many fail to follow through. With a few simple tips, you can improve your odds of meeting your resolution and making this New Year your best yet!

1. Sort. If you have limited space, you may not be able to keep everything you have. In general, if you have not used an item in two years, you probably will not use it at all. It can be hard to let go of items if they are expensive or sentimental, but the emotional toll of keeping too many things in a cluttered space is worth keeping in mind. Consider giving sentimental items to others or selling bigger ticket items to recoup some of the cost. Mostly, make sure you keep only the things that deserve to be there.

2. Organize. Since space is a commodity for many, it is time to get creative. Shelving is a good option since it can be both decorative and practical. Consider maximizing closets with organizational systems, and add drawer organizers to enhance those spaces. Look into furniture with built in storage, like benches or ottomans with space under seats. Remember to organize in a way that suits your life with commonly used items easy to access.

3. Store. In order to keep the things you care about, Webster self storage is a great solution. Storage Choice storage lockers in Webster allow you to retain more items without adding clutter to your home. By using Webster self storage, it is possible to minimize the amount of items kept in your home. In this way, storage lockers in Webster can not only help you de-clutter, but they can help you stay organized over the year to come and beyond.

By following these helpful tips you’ll have your home de-cluttered in no time! Keep your home organized by de-cluttering throughout the year. If you’re questioning whether to keep an item, try storing it in Storage Choice Self Storage. If you notice yourself frequently missing the item or needing it on a regular basis, then bring it back into your home; if you hardly notice the missing item, then try donating or selling it. Contact Storage Choice Self Storage to find a storage unit to suit needs and start de-cluttering today!

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